Holding Hands
Holding Hands


The Moreton Bay Women's Wellbeing Hub (MBWWH) is a new service for the Moreton Bay Region funded by the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women.  This service will provide tailored, holistic support to women and young women to assist them to achieve better wellbeing.  For information on accessing this service please click on the image for the flyer.



The Home Security Safety Upgrade (HSSU) and Technology Safety Upgrade Services (KSWITH) aim to support victims of domestic and family violence and their children to remain safely in their homes.  Rather than relocating they may remain in their community close to family and other support networks, such as workplaces, schools and child care centres.

For more information please click below to download the brochure and referral forms.


Crisis support is available during business hours. This can include crisis counselling face to face or by phone, assistance to complete applications for domestic and family violence protection orders, assistance to access alternative safe accommodation, and other safety planning. Please be aware that financial relief is not available.

For emergency assistance outside of hours, contact the police on 000, Womensline on 1800 811 811 or Mensline on 1800 600 636


CADA offers individual face to face therapeutic counselling for people who have experienced domestic and family violence. This counselling is free, and people can self refer. Counselling is offered at our Caboolture, Pine Rivers and Redcliffe offices.

Therapeutic counselling provides a safe place to explore and talk about experiences. People, who have shared their stories with us, express appreciation of the value of being heard, understood and believed. We consider that counselling has a role in assisting people to reestablish trust and faith in their own ability to change, heal and overcome difficulties. Counselling is about working collaboratively to generate alternative ideas and work creatively towards your desired change. It is our privilege to share your counselling journey.

Counsellors at CADA are guided by the beliefs, values and principles articulated in the philosophy and values of CADA.  Our counselling practice frameworks embrace ideas from a range of theories and approaches, including strengths based practice, feminism, constructivist and collaborative approaches, trauma counselling, expressive and creative therapies, and others.

CADA provides immediate assistance to people in crisis. For ongoing counselling there may be a waiting time due to high demand.


It is widely acknowledged in contemporary study that children who have lived with domestic and family violence may be as traumatised as being a direct victim.  Exposure to domestic and family violence can impact children's sense of safety, their social, emotional and psychological development, and damage relationships with the non violent caregiver.

The child witness counselling program of CADA is aimed at helping children to rediscover their resilience , to process their experiences and to rebuild their relationships with the non violent parent.  Children's counsellors at CADA are guided by the beliefs, values and principles articulated in the philosophy and values of CADA.  Our counselling practice frameworks embrace ideas from a range of theories and approaches, including strengths based practice, expressive and creative therapies, and others.

The children's counsellors do not undertake court reports or investigative counselling of any kind.

Circumstances where a child has experienced direct sexual abuse will be referred to appropriately specialized sexual abuse services.

To enter the child witness counselling program,  parents will first need to attend a Parent Information Session.  This session will provide details to parents in a group session about the impact of domestic violence on children, the aims and objectives of children's counselling and some ideas about how parents might support their children.  These sessions are provided on a regular basis.

Following the Parent Information Session, parents will be invited to a personal interview with a children's counsellor to discuss the circumstance and experience of their individual child.  After this step, the counsellor and parent will collaboratively decide on when and if counselling is appropriate and how to proceed.

It is important to understand that parents who bring their children to the child witness counselling program will be invited to have individual counselling for themselves, to provide a wholistic response to the family and maximize the possibilities for healing relationships.

Please be aware that there is a waiting list for children's counselling due to the high demand.

Confidentiality for children is important to CADA.  There are special arrangements in relation to confidentiality for children.  Please discuss this with the children's counsellors during your parent interview.


Assistance is offered in Caboolture, Redcliffe, Pine Rivers and Sandgate Magistrates Courts to people accessing the domestic and family violence legislation, on designated domestic violence call over days.

Workers are able to assist aggrieved and respondent persons with information about the court process, and appropriate referral information.

Workers at court on these days are also able to assist people to complete applications for domestic and family violence protection orders.

Workers are present in Caboolture court on Mondays, Redcliffe and Sandgate Magistrates Court on Tuesdays and Pine Rivers court on Wednesdays.


Strengthening Family Connections is a specialist program for families who are using violence in their relationships. This program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.